It is CRUCIAL that you keep your WordPress website and blog secure. Because ‘admin’ is the default username for WordPress, it is the first username that a hacker will use to try and gain access to your site. If you are using the username: “admin” you need to change it IMMEDIATELY. Here is how to do this. (its a good idea to make a backup before you do this). Log into the WordPress Admin area using the Administrator user login. Go to USERS > Add New. Give yourself a good username that is not very easy for someone else, and make sure it doesnt contain keywords from your site like your company anme, etc. A good example might be your name and birthdate, example: Lisag0605 Make sure you use a complicated password, combined with uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols. Best choice is to use the default by clicking on SHOW PASSWORD. WordPress will create a more complicated password and copy and paste this somewhere so you can use it later. Make sure you givbe yourself administrator role. Click on ADD USER. Make sure you DELETE the old one. ****IMPORTANT! When doing this you will be asked to 'delete" or ... Read More
09/07/2017Lee Levy